Team Details

Larry Maloney

Data Architect and lead engineer

Providing rapid insights and implementing solutions.

Architected AI scheduling platform, acquired by Microsoft

Architcted first smartphone virus scanner acquired by Juniper

Architcted federal ID system, saving $4 Billion

Identified billions in revenue leaks for Silicon Valley tech companies

Personal Experience

Larry begain his carrer on the robotics team that helped implement the US Post Office automated mail processing facility in Sacramento. At Cincom Systems, he created one of the first web-based application servers. He was the main architect behind the SSID system for the Department of Education under the No Child Left Behind Act. This solution has saved the Department of Education $6 Billion to date. He was also built and implemented the first smartphone virus scanner for a startup (acquired by Juniper Networks) as well as architecting a mobile Wi-Fi access bridge that was later adapted into Verizon’s MiFi. Lastly, he architected an AI scheduling system that was aquired by Microsoft.

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